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Unknown Devices By checking Device Manager for unknown devices and extracting information from it, this program attempts to figure out what the device is. You might not have to open your case or look up random number
Size: 393 KB
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identify recognize identifier IDentify Device  
Devices Register Keep electronic records of equipment and the history of their use.
Size: 981.24K
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CarryDVD for all Devices The simplest and easiest to way to convert your DVD to Palm,PocketPC, Windows CE, Smartphone and most other handheld devices.
Size: 47279K
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handheld devices dvd to pocketpc convert to pocketpc  
Mixer Devices Windows mixer with play and record sliders in one, with save and load functions.
Size: 286KB
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instant play free mobile backtrack 5 download mpeg plugin  
Palm Devices A beautiful collection of Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus icons to use with your files and folders.
Size: 571 KB
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palm icon collection icon mobile pre-approved website  
EpsonNet Devices usb driver
Size: 4.48MB
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CallTTY A program to communicate with phone TTY/TDD devices via a sound card or Skype
Size: 869 MB
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TTY tone phone communicate program Skype Sound  
Lock USB Windows network anti theft USB data monitoring utility protect the confidential data from unauthorized access on client machines connected in local area network. USB data protection software performs
Size: 2.8 MB
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software data windows protect real tool server media  
AW the Golf Glossary Add a glossary of golf terminology to your Palm...
Size: 167.0 KB
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fit Glossary paging Glossary memory Golf words  
Liberty (Mac) Play Game Boy games on your Palm...
Size: 223.7 KB
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palm Game games palette devices Boy Bard Boy screens  
Acrobat Reader (Mac) Read PDF files on your Palm OS device, using your Macintosh computer...
Size: 8.4 MB
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files Reader PDF palm adobe acrobat palm to pdf devices  
AW Botanical Glossary AW Botanical Glossary is a words tool running Palm OS.
Size: 116.4 KB
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Word fit memory words devices botanical manager botanical  

devices in description

GhostBuster Portable Detects ghosted devices and removes these This application enumerates all devices, detects ghosted devices and removes these if they match selectable devices types and/or devices classes with a singl...
Size: -
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SpyRemover SpyRemover detects and removes intrusive devices such as spyware, adware, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices, hacker tools, and other spy devices from your PC.
Size: 3041K
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detect spyware hacker identify hacker Hacker Soundpack  
Audio Devices Manager 7 Audio devices Manager 7 is a handy and reliable application designed to provide users with possibilities to swap between the audio devices installed on the computer. Audio Devices Manager 7 sits in th...
Size: 963.59K
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Switch switcher Audio Device Switcher Audio Device  
USBDeviceShare USBdeviceshare is a simple application which allows you to share USB devices over LAN. This software helps you to remotely plug-in USB device over network/internet. USB devices connected to remote com...
Size: 1914K
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share remote usb remote usb USB Device USB access  
USBDeviceShare (64-Bit) USBdeviceshare (64-Bit) lets you share USB devices and access them remotely over network (LAN or internet). Using this software, USB devices connected to remote computers (in local area network or int...
Size: 2.17MB
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USB access devices through internet share usb  
MaaS360 ActiveSync Reporting Tool The MaaS360 ActiveSync Reporting Tool is a Powershell-based utility that scans Microsoft Exchange servers for partnerships from devices such as Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It all...
Size: 2.2 MB
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scanner exchange partnership